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Kim received Aug 6, 2020

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Several months back Beverly had asked that we pray for her cousin, Bruce. He is not well and is in the hospital with heart and kidney issues. His two young children (3 & 1 year olds) are with his wife who is incapable of caring for the children. He doesn't have good insurance to help with the medical bills. Pray for complete healing for both Bruce and his wife and provision. Also pray for their salvation. Pray that Bruce would consider leaving Colorado and moving back to Illinois so his mother can help take of the children.

Kim received Aug 4, 2020

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Beverly Sanders has been diagnosed with an issue with the veins in her legs. Please pray for her to be comfortable and to find the correct socks to wear. She's feeling great otherwise.

Kim received Jul 28, 2020

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Praise the Lord for so many answered prayers--The Wood's are well! The Pearson's are getting better. Karen R. came through cataract surgery! Beverly Sanders is doing great! Pastor Ron's step-dad is much better, but continued prayers for John and Uvon.

Kim received Jul 15, 2020

Prayed for 1 times

Pray for Mindy Sisk and healing for skin cancer. Pray for the Lord's provision, not only with healing but financially.

Ali Winters received May 22, 2020

Prayed for 3 times

Pray for our son, Stephen and many others who have lost businesses due to COVID-19.