Ground Zero represents an explosion in the hearts of our youth. Teens enjoy belonging, laughing, sharing, and mostly having fun. But our target is something deeper than the obvious; it is to transform hearts and fuse them with the character of Christ. We feel that ministry to youth is more than a "happening", a "circus of youth, celebrated"; we believe that depth of character is of greater importance than the momentary pursuits of "popularity". It is the Character of Christ that we celebrate, nurtured and growing in the hearts of youth.

Sunday Evenings - 7:00 PM

Our youth group meets on Sunday evenings at the church from 7 – 9 PM. The teens are involved in various activities including Bible study, service projects, as well as purely fun events. The Sunday evening get-togethers are designed to motivate our young people toward a stronger relationship with Christ, a Godly lifestyle, and fellowship with other Christians. Food is almost always a part of the evening!

Occasionally, the teens may meet at a different time or location, depending on the particular activity that is planned. Please feel free to call our the church office at 512-863-7690 to check on the time or location of the youth group’s activity.