Father’s Day 2019

Father’s Day 2019

Recently we enjoyed and celebrated Father’s Day. In my Father’s Day sermon, I shared about knowing the Father’s Heart. Of all the definitions of what a Christian is, the most profound definition of what a Christian is, is one who has God for his or her Father.

Our Lord Jesus came to reveal The Father to us. Matt 11:27 “All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. (NIV) Aren’t you glad that Jesus not only came to reveal the Father to us, but He wants us to know the Father and especially to know the Fathers heart. I shared two scriptures out of Matthew chapter 6 and chapter 10, where Jesus describes how the Father sees us and Jesus used these words….. “Are you not more valuable”,  “You are worth more”. I believe our Lord Jesus was wanting to communicate the Father’s heart and how our Heavenly Father sees us.

I also shared how the Lord had impressed on me a few years ago a word, and this is what He spoke to me; “I want my sons and daughters to really know my heart, because if they know my heart and if it is their desire and their passion to truly know my heart there will be more: victory instead of defeat, and more joy instead of sorrow and anxiety, there will be more fruit instead barrenness and leanness of soul.” Not to long after that, the Lord impressed another word, and this is what I believe the Holy Spirit said to me, “Tell my people and teach them that that it is time NOW for them to be who they really are, to be the person I see them as, but they have to know my heart if they are going to know who they really are as I see them. I felt an urgency in my heart from what the Holy Spirit was communicating then, and I feel the same urgency today. Our Father wants to share His heart with us, and He wants us to know His heart because that is what will move each of us into His destiny, His plan and the purpose He has for each of our lives and for Grace Fellowship Church. He wants us to be who we truly are and be shaped by how He sees us and not how we see ourselves. May we hunger to know our Fathers heart, may we get crazy in our excitement to know His heart, and see ourselves as He sees us. It is time for some of us to break out of our shells and get crazy in our excitement and passion to be who we are meant to be. Can you imagine our church being a church of people who are crazy in their excitement and passion to be the Grace Fellowship Church our Father sees us being here in Georgetown….Wow can you imagine that? I can, and I know you can to. Let’s agree together that we are going to expect, yes expect to be that Church that sees, hears, and knows our Fathers heart. Will you agree to have this expectation with me? Amen and so be it.

All Praise and exaltation to His Name…. Worthy, Worthy, Worthy…..Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…..all Glory, Honor, Power, and Dominion to our Great God, Three in One.


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