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A fresh new focus on prayer.

The faith which creates powerful praying is the faith which centers itself on a powerful person. Faith in Christ’s ability to do and to do greatly, is the faith which prays greatly (E.M Bounds on Prayer.) Does this not stir your hearts my brothers and sisters to want to pray powerfully? Powerful praying is not… Read More »

Be constant in Prayer

We are now in 2020, and I am so very thankful that God is faithful, that His love is steadfast and immovable, and that HE ANSWERS PRAYER! I am sure that all of you my brothers and sisters can give testimony to answered prayers this past year. Praise His Name. I want to encourage you… Read More »

Rain is Coming

A couple of months ago, as I was praying I had a picture in my mind of what the clouds look like right before it rains. The clouds get dark as they fill up with moisture. There is a certain smell in the air and you know it is about to rain.  You have an… Read More »

Father’s Day 2019

Recently we enjoyed and celebrated Father’s Day. In my Father’s Day sermon, I shared about knowing the Father’s Heart. Of all the definitions of what a Christian is, the most profound definition of what a Christian is, is one who has God for his or her Father. Our Lord Jesus came to reveal The Father… Read More »