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Rain is Coming

A couple of months ago, as I was praying I had a picture in my mind of what the clouds look like right before it rains. The clouds get dark as they fill up with moisture. There is a certain smell in the air and you know it is about to rain.  You have an… Read More »

Father’s Day 2019

Recently we enjoyed and celebrated Father’s Day. In my Father’s Day sermon, I shared about knowing the Father’s Heart. Of all the definitions of what a Christian is, the most profound definition of what a Christian is, is one who has God for his or her Father. Our Lord Jesus came to reveal The Father… Read More »

The Difference Maker

I recently shared what I truly believe is one of major lessons that we as Christians must learn. In 2 Corinthians chapter two, the Apostle Paul was very transparent about the difficulties and afflictions he experienced in Asia. He tells his brothers and sisters at Corinth that the afflictions, as he put it, were so… Read More »

Spiritual Blind Spots

I recently shared a message about Spiritual Blind Spots. What we discovered is pride is almost always a key contributor to people having Spiritual Blind Spots. When we choose to humble ourselves, walk in humility, and reject prideful attitudes we are safeguarding ourselves from the danger and the destructive consequences of Spiritual Blind Spots. I… Read More »

Unclaimed property

Last Sunday I shared an experience Cindy and I had which involved some of our money that ended up in the unclaimed property department of the State Comptroller’s office. We were able to reclaim the money that was ours, but some of the things I discovered were astounding. In Texas alone, the State Comptroller’s office… Read More »